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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Toys for Children

I hope each of you had a satisfying and gratifying Thanksgiving Season! Wecan all be thankful for all that we have, including oportunities and serve, as Americans and members of the Texas State Guard Medical Brigade.

Christmas is right around the corner. It is the season for giving because of the Gift that was given that first Christmas. The Chaplains from the Regiments are collecting toys for children at area hospitals. You may want to support their efforts by buying one or more toys and taking them to the locations that are on this link.

Perhaps you are already doing this, are making donations through your religious faith group or a seculate organization. That is wonderful! This program is meant to complement what soldiers are doing, not to compete or take the replace your gift giving.

On behalf of the Commanding General of the Medical Brigade, BG Fernandez, have a safe and blessed Christmas!

In His Service,
Lyle Metzler
Brigade Chaplain

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at lmetzler@charter.net

Friday, March 6, 2009

I am looking for some volunteers to assist in inventorying the library on April 23 and 24. We use a scanner, much like I use to check the books in and out to the children. It is a matter of scanning each book, then returning to see if we missed some somehow.

Catherine Tran is scheduling volunteers. You may call her at 972-222-0451.

Friday, December 5, 2008

TAKS Support Plan for Pirrung

Library TAKS Support Plan
School Year 2008-2009

Target Date for Completion
1. Examine TAKS data with administrator(s) and/or grade level/subject area teachers
7 October 2008
2. Target 2-3 TAKS objectives that can be affected by the library program
7 October 2008
3. Develop lessons/activities that address the TEKS for your targeted TAKS objectives
7 October 2008
4. Communicate your plan to your school community
11 November 2008
5. Teach lessons in collaboration with grade level/subject area teachers
Within the timeline in CSI.
6. Evaluate your plan
Upon Completion of the Experiments

List administrators/faculty consultants:

Cara Jackson, Principal
Amy Quinn, 5th Grade Lead Science Teacher

Grade Level
Targeted TAKS Objective
Focus TEKS

Physical Science
TEKS 5.3

Earth Science
TEKS 5.4

Library lessons/activities that will teach the focus TEKS (there should be at least one unit/lesson/activity for each of the focus TEKS listed above):

There will be a class using dictionaries to define key Science Vocabulary Word. The class set of Collegiate Dictionaries found in the library will be used. This should take no longer than four library class periods and will be conducted prior to the experiment to “make dirt.”

The librarian discussed some additional strategies with the lead science teacher to help teach these science TEKS. For physical science, the librarian will use graham crackers, marshmallow cream, jam, and peanut butter to show how erosion and deposition occur. This experiment shows the students how sedimentary rock is formed by using different layers of the food in a clear baking dish lined with clear plastic wrap. When the dish has been filled with different layers added by the students, the librarian will close the plastic wrap and press it, simulating pressure and heat. He will then remove it and form “mountains” by pressing inward and upward. He will also demonstrate how tectonic plates move. Teachers will enjoy this exceedingly rich “dirt,” but not students due to the foods with limited nutritional value policy.

Another experiment will take place in the library concerning water. The first will demonstrate that hot water rises using four-liter bottles. Two will be filled with hot water with some food coloring. The other two will be filled with cold water and not food coloring. We will label which pair has the hot water on the top and which on the bottom. The bottle with the hot water on the bottom will mix with the cold water on top. The food coloring in the hot water will show the students that the hot water did in fact rise.

How will you communicate your plan to your school community?

The approved plan will be digested and sent home with the weekly newsletter for 5th grade. Additional information will be provided to interested parties as requested. A significant part of the communication plan is word of mouth. As the students conduct these experiments and interact with the Promethean Board, they will be encouraged to discuss them with their parents. Questions that this generates will be answered, as required.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gaols 2008-2009

Goals/Lyle Metzler

Type Goal #1 Collaborate by grade level to conduct a research unit as specified by the curriculum.

Define the research topic.

Teach the research cycle in the library.

Determine with grade level the part of grading the librarian does.

Librarian and classroom teacher continue to collaborate while students conduct research both in the library and on line in the computer lab.

Type Goal #2 Maintain existing level of circulation.

Organize the students to participate in Six Flags Six Hour Reading Club.

Organize a Holiday Reading Club from December 12, 2006 to January 5, 2007.

Organize the school to participate in the Bluebonnet Reading Program.

Organize the students to participate in Book-It.

Type Goal #3 Teach a variety of technologies to students for use while conducting research and publishing findings.

Teach and provide guided practice while students use technologies to find information to answer the questions in the Research Cycle.

Teach and assist students to report using Power Point.

Teach and assist students to report using i-Movie.

Teach and assist students using Word.

Collaborate with classroom teachers on lessons using the Promethean Board.

Type Goal #4 Engage, direct, and encourage students, individually and in groups, in extensive problem-driven research with real-world application.

Work collaboratively with classroom teachers to define the problem to research.

Model, teach, guide and assist students to locate, synthesize, and integrate information from multiple resources, in a variety of formats to draw conclusions and create a product.

Use technology to present newly acquired knowledge.

Use various criteria, such as logical validity, factual accuracy, and distorted evidence to evaluate various forms of inform

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it the end or only the beginning?

For me, this is the beginning, not the end.  Although I am nearing the end of my professional career, there are some things I have learned here that I will take into retirement.  Some of them include:

I think that these tools will enable me to keep using my mind, continue being a lifelong learner, and share what I have learned with other people.  My goal will be to use these tools not only for me and my family and friends, but also to share with elderly people to enable them to keep in better communication with their families and friends, too.

I really want to share some of these tools with my current students.  The "gee-whiz" factor makes this worth exploring--making school more fun while educational for the children.  I'll be contacting our ETF to make certain I understand the district requirements for parental permission and documentation.